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Zach Parise's Decision 'Probably' Coming On Tuesday

The theme since "Parise Watch" officially began on Sunday has been that a decision could come at any time. Sunday and Monday both came and went without a decision, and we are now on the third day of waiting for Zach Parise to sign. A decision could still come at any time and might even made on Tuesday. While there are no guarantees, this sounds promising:

When he met with the media on Monday, Parise sounded like he was inching closer to a decision. He wanted more time to think things over, which is understandable, and now it appears that he is in fact moving closer to announcing something. Hopefully this is the case and we can bring "Parise Watch" to a close before the day is over.

As for "Suter Watch," there's no telling when it will end. Ryan Suter's agent said on Tuesday that "a deal will happen when it happens," indicating that Suter is in no rush to choose a team.

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