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Ryan Suter To Make Decision On Wednesday, According To His Agency

"Suter Watch" is finally coming to a close. A specific time for its end is still unclear, but according to a tweet from Ryan Suter's agency, a decision will be made at some point on Thursday.

As of Thursday morning, the Detroit Red Wings hadn't heard anything from Suter or Zach Parise, according to the Free Press' Helene St. James. This indicates that no decisions have been made yet. However, one from Suter is expected soon, and it appears Parise may make his decision on Thursday as well.

Given all of the recent talk about Suter and Parise potentially being a package deal, it wouldn't be surprising if one decision is quickly followed by another. I just hope that if Suter is indeed first up, he selects the Red Wings. I just have a bad feeling that if Parise decides first and picks Minnesota that Suter will follow suit.

I suppose we will find out for sure soon enough.

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