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Zach Parise's Decision 'Likely' Coming On Wednesday

It looks like Ryan Suter won't be the only one deciding on his future on Wednesday. There is a very good chance that fellow free agent Zach Parise will also make a decision on the Fourth of July. From the Free Press' Helene St. James:

It's worth pointing out that we heard something similar from the Parise camp on Tuesday and no decision was made. Just because a decision is considered "likely" doesn't mean there will be one.

Of course, if Ryan Suter decides on Wednesday as is expected, then it would sort of be surprising for Parise to keep waiting. They are the two big dominoes on the open market, and considering there is a lot of talk about both choosing the same team in order to play together, you wouldn't think there would be a huge gap of time in between their decisions.

All I know right now is that I'm both excited and nervous with this process finally starting to wind down. I'm excited for "Suter Watch" and "Parise Watch" to end, but the possibility of the Detroit Red Wings missing out on both players is terrifying.

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