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Retired Defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom To Join Red Wings As A Scout

After walking away from hockey after 20 Hall of Fame-worthy seasons back in May, former Red Wings defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom has already been reeled back in by Detroit's organization after just two months, and will now officially join the team as a scout.

Though Lidstrom's specific role according to the team remains unclear, it's likely that he'll have his choice of whether to remain in Sweden or to return to the United States. Assistant Wings general manager Jim Nill mentioned that he has not talked with Lidstrom about the specifics of his scouting focus as of yet. "We might bring him back here," Nill said. "It depends on the situation. His terms. We wanted to keep him in the organization."

Lidstrom, who spoke with Swedish website, did manage to elaborate somewhat on what his scouting position might entail:

The idea is that I should shop around and look at some players that the club has drafted here in Sweden. It becomes a form of talent scouting but I will also go back to the States a few times a year and meet sponsors. Once down there, I will also attend the various events around the team....

Easily one of the most influential and recognizable players in Sweden, Lidstrom is the ideal ambassador for the Wings into the very talented world of both Swedish and European hockey. It was evident that the future Hall of Famer might just stick around for a while after the organization announced he would have a role 'in some capacity' in early June, and this diverse overseas scouting role appears like a great fit for both sides.

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