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Nicklas Lidstrom's House Can Be Yours For $2.9 Million

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With Nicklas Lidstrom retired and headed back to Sweden on a permanent basis, he is selling his house in Michigan. It's not clear when it was put up for sale, but it is currently listed for a price of $2.9 million.


The house, which was built in 2004, has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms and a total of 6,956 square feet. It is officially in Northville, but it is just outside of Novi, the city known as being home to the Detroit Red Wings' Swedish players.


Lidstrom is planning on building a new house in Sweden, where he will reside for most of the time. He will still be a part of the franchise as a scout going forward, and he will surely be in the Detroit area at times as part of that gig. For the most part, though, Lidstrom will be spending his time in Sweden, which is why he is selling his house in Michigan.