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Red Wings Free Agency: Shane Doan Interested In Detroit

It may be time to officially get "Doan Watch" started. Last week, the focus was on what Zach Parise and Ryan Suter would do, but now the focus is shifting to Shane Doan. With Parise and Suter off to Minnesota, the Red Wings have moved on to other free agents, and it's looking like their backup plan at forward is Doan.

While this is still in the early stages in terms gathering information about prospective teams for Doan, there does appear to be mutual interest between him and the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit had previously been reported as having interest in Doan, and on Monday, Doan's agent made it clear that they are interested in Detroit. From the Free Press' Helene St. James:

It remains to be seen if Doan will actually leave the Phoenix Coyotes, but if he does, you can bet the Red Wings will be one of the favorites to sign him.

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