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Red Wings' Schedule Includes 17 Games On NBC, NBC Sports Network

The Detroit Red Wings will be on national TV 25 times this season, if there is a season.


The NHL continues with business as usual amid the threat of a lockout if a new collective bargaining agreement deal isn't reached soon, and that means releasing its television schedule. The Detroit Red Wings certainly hope things get resolved, so that they can appear a whopping 25 times on national television.

The Red Wings have 20 games scheduled for the NBC Sports Group (NBC or the NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus). They have an additional eight games on the NHL Network. Six of the NBC Sports Network games, as well as all of the NHL Network games, will not air exclusively in Detroit (They will likely be aired on FS Detroit), while one of the three NBC games is potentially a flex game, that will air on NBC or NBC Sports Network. Meanwhile, one NBC game will only air regionally, as part of NBC's Hockey Day in America.

The highlight is the annual Winter Classic on New Years Day at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The first nationally-televised game is Oct. 16 at Buffalo on the NBC Sports Network. The first game that will be nationally televised as well as seen locally on NBCSN in Detroit is Jan. 6 at Chicago. Five games against the Chicago Blackhawks are on the NBC Networks, and another one will be seen on the NHL Network.

Detroit also has three games on CBC, which is Canadian national television.

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