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NHL Lockout: Red Wings Don't Plan To Lay Anyone Off During Work Stoppage

The NHL lockout has seen casualties among league staffers and team staffers throughout the league, but the Detroit Red Wings aren't planning on joining the layoff fray.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Red Wings "don't have plans to lay anyone off."

John Hahn, senior director of communications, said this morning that they "don't have any plans to lay anyone off."

Al Sobotka, the team's well-known Zamboni master, "will do what he does during the off-season," Hahn said. "He'll find some building projects to do."

Many U.S.-based NHL teams have announced much the same. Canadian-based teams such as the Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets have made changes to their staff, such as going to four-day work weeks.

Some teams, such as the Florida Panthers, have already laid employees off -- including the team's mascot.

Hopefully the lockout comes to an end sooner rather than later, and all those affected can keep their jobs in these tough economic times.

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