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NHL Lockout: Danny Cleary Thinks Work Stoppage Could Wipe Out Entire Season Or More

Detroit Red Wings forward Danny Cleary does not seem optimistic about the NHL lockout ending anytime soon, according to comments he made to Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press after working out at the Troy Sports Center.

"I think people don't think it can go a year. As players, we think it can. Maybe longer."

The lockout has been in place since Sept. 16, and the NHL and NHLPA appear to be at a stalemate, as no progress was made after the two sides met on Monday. The entire slate of exhibition games has already been canceled, and the season's first two weeks could be the next casualty -- possibly as soon as this week.

Many people have predicted that the situation could be resolved by Thanksgiving, but even that appears unlikely unless talks start progressing very soon. Cleary is unsure about whether or not that will happen.

"I think the league is waiting for us to make the move, and we're waiting for them to move. So someone has to move. And I don't see it coming from our end. We've given them a couple of good options that they can work with, and they, obviously, feel it's not good enough.

The regular season is scheduled to begin on Oct. 16.

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