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Report: Tigers In Talks With Adam Dunn

The Detroit Tigers have already gotten their free agent shopping underway, after reaching agreement with reliever Joaquin Benoit. But several reports also have them in serious discussions with Adam Dunn.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post posted on Twitter that Dunn was moving close to a deal with a team, believed to be the Tigers.’s Jon Heyman also reported that Dunn and the Tigers were “serious.”

Heyman later posted the following, however:

hearing dunn isn’t close yet with any 1 team, tho tigers are showing keen interest.

And around the same time,’s Jerry Crasnick said such reports were a bit too hasty.

A baseball source says Adam Dunn-to-the-Tigers speculation is "way too premature.‘’ They like him, but it’s not that far along

Okay, so it’s a little too soon to get excited, Tigers fans. But the team certainly seems to be pursuing free agent sluggers aggressively, as advertised. Reports are that Dunn is seeking a four-year deal, perhaps with an option for a fifth year included.

Prior rumblings had Dunn preferring to play for a National League team, and maybe that’s still the way he wants to go. But he appears to have realized that saying he didn’t want to be a designated hitter for an American League team cut down his potential suitors.

If the Tigers are looking for a power hitter, Dunn might be the best available on the market. He’s hit 38 home runs in each of the past two seasons for the Washington Nationals. And he blasted 40 homers in each of the five years prior to that, mostly with the Cincinnati Reds.

One concern with Dunn coming out of his 2010 season, however, is that his walks went down from 116 to 77, while his strikeouts increased from 177 to 199.

(Hat tip to Bless You Boys)