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Scott Boras: Magglio Ordonez Has Completed Ankle Rehab; Empty Your Wallets Accordingly

Magglio Ordonez underwent season ending surgery in August, but Scott Boras wants potential offseason bidders to know that his client has completed his ankle rehab and is fully capable of listening to offers that will enrich:

Ordonez "has returned to full workout routines" that include running, throwing and hitting, Scott Boras said. Ordonez is roughly two months removed from a surgical procedure designed to stabilize the fracture.

With the Tigers interest in Adam Dunn reportedly heating up, it's unclear where the Tigers are in terms of potentially re-signing the 36-year-old, former batting champ -- there hasn't been much talk about it recently. The Tigers certainly haven't ruled out re-signing him, but a reasonable person would think it'd have to be significantly less than the $18 million he received last year.

According to Jon Morosi, the Phillies, Red Sox, White Sox, Angels, Royals, A’s, Mariners, Blue Jays and Nationals are among the teams interested in adding offense in the outfield or at designated hitter. The Tigers could wind up in a situation where they can't possibly come to terms with overpaying Ordonez a second (or third) time around should one of the aforementioned teams put in a large bid. I'd like to think Ordonez wants to stay in Detroit, but I know a much higher offer will sway him, with heavy encouragement from Boras.