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Tigers Officially Decline Option On Jhonny Peralta, Working On New Contract

As soon as the 2010 season ended, the Detroit Tigers made it known that they wanted Jhonny Peralta back as their shortstop next year. However, it also seemed clear that the team didn’t intend to pick up the $7.25 million option on Peralta’s contract.

On Tuesday, the Tigers made it official. Peralta is now a free agent, after Detroit declined his option.

But the team does want to sign him to a new contract. And the feeling appears to be mutual, based on what Peralta told John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press.

“I would like more than one year,” said Peralta, 28. “The Tigers are a good team, and I want to be with them for more than one year. I am happy with how I felt being with them.”

Peralta’s desire for a multi-year contract likely isn’t stalling negotiations between him and the Tigers. But the two sides have to agree on the financial terms of the deal. As Lowe points out, the Tigers probably don’t want the value of Peralta’s new contract to exceed the $11.5 million they just gave to Brandon Inge.

After being acquired from the Cleveland Indians in late July, Peralta batted .253/.314/.396 with eight home runs and 38 RBIs in 57 games with the Tigers.