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Report: Red Sox Interested In Magglio Ordonez

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With Jayson Werth now off the free agent market, Magglio Ordonez becomes the next best option for teams wanting a right-handed hitting outfielder. That could create some serious competition for the Detroit Tigers for his services.

Sean McAdam of is reporting that the Boston Red Sox are looking at Ordonez to be the right-handed bat that would complement Adrian Gonzalez, J.D. Drew and David Ortiz in a strongly left-handed lineup.

As you might remember, this isn’t the first time the Red Sox have been interested in acquiring Ordonez.


After the 2003 season, when the Sox were close to obtaining Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers, their plan was to turn around and deal off incumbent shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. The Sox had a contingency deal in place with the Chicago White Sox that would have sent Garciaparra to the White Sox in exchange for a package that included Magglio Ordonez.

Boston would pencil Ordonez in left field, and would probably spell Ortiz at designated hitter against left-handed pitching.

McAdam also mentioned the Philadelphia Phillies as a team that’s talked about Ordonez this offseason.

(via MLB Trade Rumors)