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Tigers Vs. Rangers Score: Game 5 Tied 2-2 In 6th Inning

Close games have been the theme of the ALCS, and Game 5 is holding true to it. Through five innings in Detroit, the Tigers and Rangers are tied by a score of 2-2, and just like Game 4, it looks like this game will be decided in the final innings or potentially even in extra innings.

The Rangers struck first in Game 5 thanks to Justin Verlander struggling early on. Josh Hamilton plated Ian Kinsler on a sacrifice fly, putting Texas up by a run.

The Tigers tied things up and then took the lead thanks to a pair of solo home runs. First, in the third inning, Alex Avila surprisingly hit a homer to left field. He has struggled throughout the playoffs since he is so banged up, so it was surprising to see him hit one out. It was just as surprising to see the injured Delmon Young hit a home run to left in the fourth inning. His solo shot put the Tigers on top, 2-1.

Texas tied things up in the fifth inning on another Hamilton RBI. He singled to center, scoring Kinsler once again. Adrian Beltre almost gave the Rangers the lead with two swings that nearly produced a home run, but the ball landed in foul territory and then short of the center field fence.

The Tigers and Rangers remain tied headed into the sixth inning.