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Tigers Catcher Alex Avila Will Not Undergo Surgery

After taking a beating during the 2011 season, Tigers catcher Alex Avila is in need of rest but not surgery.

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila will not undergo surgery on either of his knees during the offseason.

Avila said he battled tendinitis in both of his knees but is planning to rest rather than have surgery, as reported by

Avila confirmed Saturday night that he is battling severe tendinitis in both knees and said he planned on having an MRI on Sunday to confirm the team’s diagnosis. If tendinitis is confirmed, Avila said the plan was to rest for 2-3 weeks.

"I don’t think I’ll have to get any type of surgery," Avila said. "And, if that’s the case, then two or three weeks of not doing anything and I’ll be good as new."

Avila was a revelation in 2011 as he batted .295 with 19 home runs, helping the Tigers win the AL Central by a 15 games. But the 24 year-old, who revealed that he sprain his left knee in July, was bothered badly toward toward the end of the season, and he struggled terribly in the playoffs. Avila hit just 3-41 (.073) with 16 strikeouts in the postseason, as Detroit fell in six games to the Texas Rangers in the ALCS.