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Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Suffered Shoulder Injury In ALCS

Remember when Nelson Cruz threw out Miguel Cabrera by a mile at home plate in Game 4 of the ALCS?

You could be excused if you choose not to remember it. Most Tigers fans (and everyone who watched that game, really) probably had their hands over their faces when the throw got to Mike Napoli and Cabrera was seemingly halfway up the third base line.

There was a collision at home plate, as Cabrera tried the only move he really had, which was to plow into the Rangers’ catcher in an attempt to jar the ball loose. But the play took so long to develop that Napoli had plenty of time to set himself, even making sure his feet weren’t planted to lessen the impact.

But days after the Texas Rangers won the ALCS in six games and eliminated the Tigers, it was revealed that Cabrera didn’t walk away from that collision unscathed. As’s Jon Paul Morosi reported, Cabrera sustained a shoulder injury on the play.

The injury left Cabrera unable to throw as he normally does — although he could obviously hit. Cabrera believes the injury is muscular, not structural. But he’s going to see a doctor this week just to be sure.

As Morosi points out, the injury obviously didn’t hinder Cabrera’s hitting. He hit two home runs in Game 6. But perhaps it could’ve given him problems on defense, like if he had to turn a double play.

Cabrera insisted the injury was muscular, not structural, implying it was less serious and would heal more quickly. The Tigers’ first baseman seemed to confirm that with the news that he would play with a team of major leaguers that will tour Taiwan in early November. The all-star squad will match up against the Chinese Taipei national team in a five-game series throughout three cities.