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Miguel Cabrera To Skip Taiwan All-Star Series To Rest Sore Shoulder

A day after being voted baseball's best Venezuelan player, Miguel Cabrera announced that he would not join a group of All-Stars, including former Tiger Curtis Granderson, in Taiwan for a series against the Chinese national team. 

Cabrera injured his throwing shoulder during the ALCS when attempting to truck Rangers' catcher Mike Napoli in Game 4. Due to the quick turnover from the ALCS to the Taiwan trip, Cabrera decided it was just best to skip Taiwan altogether and rest the shoulder at home to help prevent injuring it any further. 

The injury is not believed to be serious, but if the soreness lingers, Cabrera told a Venezuelan reporter that he will get tests done to make sure there is no structural damage. As our own Ian Casselberry pointed out, he hit two homers in Game 6, so it can't be that bad and, as Jason Beck also noted, the fact that Cabrera did not have tests done on the shoulder before going home is another good sign that it is not a long-term concern.