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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Tigers, Yankees Tied After 3 Innings, 2-2

Both teams' aces threw over 20 pitches on Friday night in the first couple innings of Game 1, but due to the rain had to shut it down and come back three days later for Game 3. Both teams' aces have struggled thus far in Game 3.

It started in the first with Justin Verlander, who gave up a single up the middle to Derek Jeter on the very first pitch of the game and then an RBI triple to Curtis Granderson the very next batter. Verlander started to amp it up, though, hitting 100 mph on the gun the next couple batters, ultimately registering a strikeout on Robinson Cano, a ground out (that brought Granderson home to make it 2-0), and an inning-ending striking of Teixeira.

CC Sabathia struggled in another way in the first couple innings by walking a season high four batters in just the first two innings. He was getting squeezed a little bit by home plate umpire Gerry Davis, but for the most part he was all over the place. Sabathia bailed himself out of both innings, though, with double play balls.

Verlander settled down in his next two innings, facing the minimum thanks to two double plays after allowing singles.

The Tigers came roaring back in the third inning and started to take advantage of Sabathia's wildness. Inge jumped all over the first pitch of the inning for a double to deep left center. Sabathia then walked Jackson, his fifth walked batter of the game, to put himself into -- remarkably -- his first real jam.

After failing to move the runners up via bunt, Santiago -- who hit  320/.480/.832 off lefties this season -- battled back from 0-2 and singled to left to bring home Inge. Delmon Young followed that up with hit a broken bat single to right field to load the bases for Miguel Cabrera.

With the crowd chanting M-V-P, Sabathia induced yet another rear-saving double play, but the tying run was able to score on the play. Victor Martinez ended the inning by grounding out to Alex Rodriguez at third, leaving the go-ahead run stranded at third.

Score is tied 2-2 in the top of the 4th inning and, as I publish this, Verlander already has two outs.