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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Jim Leyland Alters Lineup For Game 5

Game 5 of the Tigers-Yankees series is still a day away, but already Jim Leyland has announced two lineup changes for Detroit.

The first change is at third base. After previously starting Brandon Inge and Wilson Betemit at third in this series, Leyland has opted to go with Don Kelly for Game 5. Kelly played pretty well in his stint as a defensive replacement in Game 3, and he picked up a hit in Game 4 and would have had a three-RBI triple if not for Curtis Granderson's leaping catch in center field.

The other change the Tigers are making is in right field. Kelly got the start in Game 4, and with him moving to third base in Game 5, Magglio Ordonez will return as the starter at the position.

Should the Tigers lead late in the game, Kelly could switch to right field. He often comes into games late as a defensive replacement for Ordonez, and the Tigers could still do this even with both players in the starting lineup. Inge would likely replace Kelly if he were to switch to right field.