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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Max Scherzer Available As Reliever In Game 5

Although Justin Verlander won't be available as a reliever on Thursday night for the Detroit Tigers, Max Scherzer will be an option out of the bullpen. Tigers manager Jim Leyland said on Thursday afternoon that if the Tigers need help out of the bullpen, Scherzer can go. In fact, he called Scherzer his CC Sabathia.

"Scherzer is my long reliever tonight" - Leyland - "he's my Sabathia."

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi has said that Sabathia is available for Game 5. I would imagine the Yankees are hoping to get through the game with a combination of starter Ivan Nova and relievers David Robertson and Mariano Rivera, but if something happens where Sabathia is needed, he can pitch.

Leyland has said that he hopes to get through Game 5 with starter Doug Fister and relievers Phil Coke, Joaquin Benoit and Jose Valverde. If that's not possible and additional help is needed, look for Scherzer to be called upon.