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MLB Playoff Schedule 2011: Tigers Vs. Rangers In ALCS

The MLB playoff schedule is out for the ALCS between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers. Game 1 is set for Saturday in Texas.

Thanks to their 3-2 win in Game 5 against the New York Yankees on Thursday night, the Detroit Tigers are headed to the ALCS. The Texas Rangers await them after beating the Tampa Bay Rays in four games. The Rangers opened that series with a 9-0 loss but rebounded with three straight wins, including two on the road.

Because they are the second seed in the AL, the Rangers will have homefield advantage in the ALCS. Games 1 and 2 will be played on Saturday and Sunday in Texas, and the series will shift to Detroit for three games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If Games 6 and 7 are necessary, they will be in Texas a week from Saturday and Sunday.

Here's the full MLB playoff schedule for the ALCS between the Tigers and Rangers:

Game 1 - Tigers at Rangers - Saturday, Oct. 8, TBA (FOX)

Game 2 - Tigers at Rangers - Sunday, Oct. 9, TBA (FOX)

Game 3 - Rangers at Tigers - Tuesday, Oct. 11, TBA (FOX)

Game 4 - Rangers at Tigers - Wednesday, Oct. 12, TBA (FOX)

*Game 5 - Rangers at Tigers - Thursday, Oct. 13, TBA (FOX)

*Game 6 - Tigers at Rangers - Saturday, Oct. 15, TBA (FOX)

*Game 7 - Tigers at Rangers - Sunday, Oct. 16, TBA (FOX)

*If necessary