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MLB Playoffs, ALCS Game 1: Detroit Tigers Vs. Texas Rangers

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As nice as it was to celebrate a Game 5 victory over the Yankees in New York on Thursday, the Detroit Tigers have to move on. There is more work to be done for the Tigers to achieve a World Series championship, and now the Tigers have to turn their focus to beating the Texas Rangers.

The Tigers battled the Rangers during the final weeks of the season for the second seed in the AL, and Texas ultimately won the battle. This means the Rangers have homefield advantage in the ALCS.

After one game of the ALDS, it looked like avoiding the Tampa Bay Rays worked out quite well for the Tigers. The Rangers were thrashed by the Rays in Game 1 of their series by a score of 9-0, and they looked to be in serious trouble.

The Rangers rebounded in Game 2 with an 8-6 win, setting them up to take the series on the road. Game 3 and Game 4 finished with a 4-3 score, and the Rangers came out on top each time. They wrapped up the series last Tuesday, and they've been waiting around since then to get back on the field.

The Rangers and Tigers will hit the field in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday night. The Tigers will have Justin Verlander taking the hill, and Texas is going to send out C.J. Wilson.

The first pitch of the ALCS is scheduled for 8:05 p.m. (on FOX).