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Tigers Vs. Rangers: Another Game 1 Rain Delay

For the second straight series, the Tigers are in the midst of a Game 1, Justin Verlander start rain delay. Yay!

In the top of the 5th inning with the Tigers trailing 3-0, Ramon Santiago was able to see through the rain to double to the left field corner to start the inning, but the umps called for the tarps as the rain started to really dump down onto the field and make it virtually unplayable.

While the tarp was getting pulled onto the field, FOX went to Arlington's Chuck Gaidica for an update and he nonchalantly said to expect a couple hours of hard rain in the Arlington area. Double yay!

Here's a look at the radar from 


So, yeah, a potential two hour rain delay and Verlander at 82 pitches already through four innings? I don't think we'll be seeing him when this one continues. Thanks again for nothing, mother nature.