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MLB Free Agents: Pittsburgh Pirates Interested In Ramon Santiago

32-year-old utility infielder Ramon Santiago has been with the Tigers since 2006 (and was with the organization from 1998 through 2003 before his two seasons with the Seattle Mariners), but he's currently a free agent and entertaining offers around the league. According to Jon Morosi, the Pittsburgh Pirates are interested in making Santiago their starting shortstop in 2012.


Santiago hit .260/.311/.695 this past season and was the Tigers' regular second baseman toward the end of the year. However, Santiago has never played a full season at one position and the only time he saw over 140 games in a given year was in 2003 when the Tigers nearly broke the record for futility. That year Santiago hit .220/.292/.576 and made 10 errors in 85 games at shortstop at the age of 23.


Of course, the Pirates' standards aren't exactly high -- they did start Ronny Cedeno at short 128 games last season.