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Detroit Tigers Announce Spring Training Schedule For 2012

The Detroit Tigers finished the 2011 season not long ago, but the team is already gearing up for 2012. The latest indication, aside from the Tigers trade rumors floating around, is the fact that the team released its spring training schedule for next March.

The Tigers will hold spring training in Lakeland, Fla., for the 76th consecutive season, extending the longest-standing relationship between a major league team and a current Spring Training host city according to the press release issued by the team.

The schedule is highlighted by a visit from the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals on March 17 and a visit from the American League East Champion New York Yankees on March 24. The schedule also features two visits from the National League East Champion Philadelphia Phillies on March 9 and March 25.

A full schedule, as it stands currently, can be found at SB Nation's Bless You Boys.