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Gold Glove Winners 2011: No Awards For Alex Avila, Austin Jackson

The 2011 Gold Glove winners were announced on Tuesday night. The Detroit Tigers had both catcher Alex Avila and center fielder Austin Jackson up for an award at their position, but neither player won a Gold Glove. The Orioles' Matt Wieters took home the Gold Glove at catcher and the Red Sox' Jacoby Ellsbury won the award for center field.

It's probably only a matter of time until Jackson and Avila bring home a Gold Glove, but it is a bit disappointing that neither won the award after an outstanding 2011 season.

Here's the full list of the 2011 Gold Glove winners:

American League

P - Mark Buehrle (White Sox)
C - Matt Wieters (Orioles)
1B - Adrian Gonzalez (Red Sox)
2B - Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox)
SS Erick Aybar (Angels)
3B Adrian Beltre (Rangers)
LF Alex Gordon (Royals)
CF - Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox)
RF - Nick Markakis (Orioles)

National League

P - Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers)
C - Yadier Molina (Cardinals)
1B - Joey Votto (Reds)
2B - Brandon Phillips (Reds)
SS - Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies)
3B - Placido Polanco (Phillies)
LF - Gerardo Parra (Diamondbacks)
CF - Matt Kemp (Dodgers)
RF - Andre Ethier (Dodgers)