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VIDEO: Justin Verlander Talks With MLB Network After Winning MVP

After being named the American League Most Valuable Player, the first pitcher to win the award since 1992, Justin Verlander made the expected round of interviews that come with winning such a prestigious award. actually allowed embedding of the Verlander/MLB Network interview, so we have that for you here: 

Whether or not you agree that pitchers should win MVPs, it doesn't change the fact that Verlander is the 2011 AL MVP. Rookie of the Year. Four-time All-Star. AL Cy Young. AL MVP. Two no-hitters. Verlander has quite the resume, and he's just getting started, but I loved that he is already talking about turning the page and getting ready for the ultimate reward-- a World Series ring. 

I agree with Harold Reynolds -- Verlander deserves time to enjoy this rare, extraordinary accomplishment -- but Detroit fans have to be happy to hear their ace is already thinking about the 2012 season and working hard to bring a World Series title to Detroit.