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MLB Players Choice Awards: Justin Verlander Named Player, Pitcher Of The Year

Justin Verlander is going to have a busy offseason -- so busy, he should probably hire somebody to build the extra trophy shelves he's going to need.

After already winning the AL Triple Crown and being named to the Sporting News' All-Star Team, Sporting News' Player of the Year, and cover athlete for the next MLB2K game, Justin Verlander just received the honor of being tabbed as the MLB Players Choice Pitcher of the Year and Player of the Year. 

Verlander had this to say about winning the Player of the Year award [via Freep]: 

"With all the talk about should a pitcher be able to win an MVP or a top-player award, I think it shows a lot of support from my fellow players for them to vote me that," Verlander said. "When it comes from guys you’re playing with and battling against, that adds something extra special to it."

Verlander edged out former teammate Curtis Granderson and Boston's first baseman Adrian Gonzalez in the Player of the Year voting. Verlander is just the second pitcher to be named the Players Choice Player of the Year, the last being Pedro Martinez in 1999.