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VIDEO: MLB 2K12 Game Trailer Teases Justin Verlander Cover

Justin Verlander and 2KSports announced this past Thursday that Verlander will grace the cover for the MLB 2K12 video game, which comes out sometime in March 2012.

Verlander marks the first Detroit based athlete to 'model' for the cover of a video game since locked out, recent DUI convicted Piston Ben Wallace was on NBA 2K5 (before that, I believe it was Steve Yzerman on NHL Rivals 2004). 

As one can imagine, for a Detroit sports fan this is pretty exciting to see one of our team's players on the cover of a popular video game (especially one I'm prone to play quite a bit). That's also why I wasn't too fond to see 2KSports play with the idea of Justin Verlander wearing a different team's uniform in their little cover teaser video.

See this ish for yourself: 

No, you can't even wonder! He's ours! 

Okay, I'll relax. Yes, this is about Verlander ... and he's super excited about the opportunity: 

"It’s a dream come true to be on the cover of MLB 2K12," Verlander said. "I’ve worked closely with 2K Sports on the MLB 2K series since 2007, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue my relationship with such a great baseball game."

We're happy for you, JV, but don't ever leave us ... because we'll find you.