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Tigers Announce 2011 TV Schedule, All But One Game To Be Televised

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The Detroit Tigers announced their 2011 television schedule on Thursday. And all but one of their 162 games is currently set to be broadcast.


Which game is the outlier? The Tigers' game at Oakland on Saturday, September 17. Gametime is scheduled for 4 p.m. ET, which falls within FOX's national broadcast time slot that prohibits local telecasts.


As Jason Beck points out, however, if the Tigers are in the playoff race by that point in the season, Fox Sports Detroit might find a way to get the game on the air. Perhaps pushing it to an 8 p.m. ET start?


But as it stands, every other Tigers game will be on TV. 152 games will be shown on either FSD or Fox Sports Detroit Plus. (All of those broadcasts will be shown in HD, along with midnight replays.) FSD will also show broadcast four games during Spring Training.


The other nine telecasts will be part of FOX's Saturday Game of the Week package. This doesn't include games that may be moved to ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball later in the season. (That schedule is currently only set through May.)

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