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Miguel Cabrera Will Probably Not Report To Spring Training Friday

By reason of what happened Wednesday night, Miguel Cabrera is unlikely to be at the Tigers' first full workout on Saturday in Lakeland [via Free Press]: 

Based on baseball's history of similar allegations of alcohol or substance abuse, Cabrera won't be cleared to get on the field until he has been examined by a doctor who will prescribe a course of treatment. The doctor is appointed jointly by baseball management and the players union. He could undergo the treatment while continuing to play.

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said Thursday that he expects Cabrera to join the team at some point.

Something like this, of course, should've been anticipated after Dombrowski's comments on Thursday. Depending on how many days Cabrera misses, it shouldn't be a major issue. Cabrera is reportedly in great shape and has been taking regular BeePs sessions leading up to this point. Even if Cabrera were to miss some live pitching this spring, he's the kind of talent where it shouldn't affect him much, if at all.