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Jim Leyland: Miguel Cabrera Is Probably Going To Have The Biggest Year Of His Life

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski spoke on Miguel Cabrera's arrest yesterday (albeit not very much), but there was only a string of "no comments" from Tigers skipper Jim Leyland.

Well, today he opened up to some media members and, as you'd expect of Leyland mid-chew, he wants everyone to stop being so dramatic and chill the .... out [via Detroit News]: 

"Everybody getting all upset and real dramatic — do you think Magglio Ordonez is going to go about his business any different? Nobody is going to do anything any different," Leyland said.

Leyland's next comments include a spring training cliche, but also embody the utmost support a player can receive from his manager after an incident such as what happened Wednesday night [via Free Press]: 

"I know for a fact, without getting into this situation, I know for a fact Miguel Cabrera is in the best shape of his life. He’s stronger than he’s ever been and he’s quicker than he’s ever been. . . . I think Miguel Cabrera is probably going to have the biggest year of his life."

Miguel Cabrera's track record in the MLB can give that sort of confidence to a manager, but you have to wonder if Leyland's being a little too bold. After all, Cabrera has never had to deal with a pending legal matter hanging over his head all season and "the biggest year of his life" is pretty damn big. Personally, I can't imagine what it'd be like witnessing any player do more than what Cabrera has done year in, year out with the Tigers; I won't fight it, though, if it happens. I just think Leyland would've been fine leaving it at, "Miguel Cabrera will be Miguel Cabrera," because as a fan we can't expect more.