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Dave Dombrowski: Miguel Cabrera Will Not Report To Spring Training For At Least 'A Few More Days'

Dave Dombrowski shed some light on the Miguel Cabrera incident to the media on Saturday morning [transcribed from video on Detroit News, which can be seen below]:

"Miguel's not going to be here today, nor will he be here for the next couple of days. We had conversations yesterday ... at the end of the day between the Commissioner's office, the Players' Association, myself, and Miguel's representative and him. And basically we've all decided that it's best that he be continuing to visit and really find out what's taken place, to be in a position where they can meet with him some doctors at the beginning of the week and completely assess what has taken place.

So, until that happens, we've all decided it's better for him to do that away from camp, even though he would love to be here, capable of playing, of course, at this point.

But he even acknowledges that he'll do whatever he needs to do to be cooperative and is willing to work with anybody with whatever needs to be done. 

Dombrowski added that Cabrera has stuck to his workout programs all winter -- his trainer said he always showed up to his morning workouts on time without any hint of alcohol problems  -- and that he's "tested bettter in every test he's done, as far as strength and quickness go, than he ever has in his life." 

Now, the video doesn't have any quotes about it, but The Free Press has some info from Dombrowski on what happened Wednesday night before Cabrera's arrest:

"His car broke down," Dombrowski said. "The radiator blew up.

"He was on his way (to Lakeland). He had just left his home a couple of hours before that. His car broke down on the side of the road. His cell phone was out."

Dombrowski said that the night of Cabrera’s arrest marked the first time that Cabrera had "fallen off the wagon" since his publicized case of drunkenness more than a year earlier, at the end of the 2009 season.

Dombrowski doesn't know what led Cabrera to start drinking that night (and there's still no info on when he started to drink), but that's what Cabrera and the people he meets with are going to figure out before he reports to Spring Training with the rest of his team.