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Miguel Cabrera Could Report To Spring Training As Early As Thursday

The Tigers have been going about their business without Miguel Cabrera in camp, but they miss him. They can't hide it. Fans miss him, too.

With the Spring Training schedule's first pitch set for Friday with the tune-up of all tune-ups against Florida Southern, Miguel Cabrera could be making his grand return just in time for action. According to Tom Gage of The Detroit News, Cabrera's agent, Fernando Cuza, had a soiree with Dave Dombrowski at Marchant Stadium on Wednesday for what ultimately was "an an hour-long, high-level discussion with Tiger executives": 

When asked if Cabrera would report Thursday, Cuza said: "I can't say anything. It's too early."

"That's about the best I can say, too," Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said when he left his office in Lakeland.

Cuza's mere presence at Marchant Stadium, however, was an indication Cabrera's status is about to be clarified — and with that clarification would come Cabrera's return to the team. 

The high-level discussion was presumably about the meetings Cabrera had earlier this week with medical personnel regarding a possible course of action following his most recent legal/alcohol hiccup. How that will interfere with baseball during Spring Training, if at all, remains to be seen. Hopefully, we'll learn more when we see Cabrera join his teammates on Thursday.