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Miguel Cabrera Is Cleared To Play

Miguel Cabrera just finished his first media session since being arrested. He apologized profusely for his actions and will stick to the orders his doctors give him so that this kind of thing won’t happen again and become a detriment to the team. Cabrera started the press conference with a brief statement, mostly in Spanish, and then took a wide range of questions (we’ll have more on all of it shortly).

For those of us who trust he’ll handle the extracurricular matters personally and would like to know when he’ll be back on the diamond, that was one of the questions answered by both Cabrera and GM Dave Dombrowski.

In short, Cabrera’s ready to play whenever Leyland is ready to put him back in the lineup. Cabrera will be with the team tomorrow, in uniform, taking batting practice and working out, but will not be in the starting lineup when the Tigers play Florida Southern. Leyland has already penciled in Ryan Strieby for the starting first base spot, although starters will only bat around once. No word on whether or not Cabrera will receive an at bat.