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Miguel Cabrera Could Play On Monday Against Yankees

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland didn’t fully commit to the idea, but it looks like slugger Miguel Cabrera will make his spring training debut on Monday when the Tigers take on the New York Yankees in Lakeland.

“We’ve got our superstar back now and are getting ready to go,” said Leyland. “He will not play Sunday. Monday is more of a possibility, but I’m not assuring it. He’s getting a lot of good work in at home today.”

“But he’s ready,” Leyland said. “I watched his bat yesterday in batting practice. I’m more worried about his legs and being sure. Am I protecting myself? I am. I’m not putting him out after one day.”

The Tigers opened up their Grapefruit League play today, beating the Toronto Blue Jays, 4-0.

Cabrera missed the club’s first six workouts after being arrested and charged with a DUI last week. Cabrera will enter an alcohol abuse program with this being his second run-in with the law in the last two years.