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Miguel Cabrera Will DH On Monday Against Yankees

Miguel Cabrera will make his spring training debut on Monday against the Yankees after missing the first week of workouts due to a DUI.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said that Cabrera will take up the DH spot in a game that will also feature Justin Verlander squaring off against C.C. Sabathia.

Leyland said he checked with many members of the organization before he decided to put Cabrera into Monday’s lineup.

“I talked to him, I talked to every trainer (with the club), I talked to the coaches, and I called my boss (Dave Dombrowski), so that everyone was on the same page,” Leyland said.

The Tigers began their Grapefruit League play on Saturday with Phil Coke helping the Tigers take a 4-0 win in his debut as a starting pitcher. The Tigers will sandwich Monday’s game against New York with another duel against the Blue Jays on Tuesday.