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Jeremy Bonderman To The Indians?

Earlier this week, Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski told The Detroit News that Jeremy Bonderman would not be signed by the team. There was some speculation that Bonderman could be brought in to compete for a spot during spring training, but with Brad Penny inking a deal recently, it didn't make much sense for the Tigers to add Bonderman as well.


While rejoining the Tigers is no longer an option for Bonderman, it looks like he could be staying in the AL Central. Reports circulated earlier in the week that Bonderman was talking with the Cleveland Indians, and it looked like a deal might even be imminent. For now all we know is that Bonderman is one of two veteran pitchers the Indians are talking to (Kevin Millwood is the other), but at the very least he is in the conversation to head to Cleveland.


If things don't work out with the Indians, one other potential destination for Bonderman can already be crossed off the list. In addition to not coming back to Detroit, it does not appear Bondo will join the Yankees. The New York Post reports that the Yankees aren't interested in inking him to a deal. New York has been on the lookout for veteran pitching depth this offseason, especially with Andy Pettitte retiring, but the Yanks apparently aren't interested in Bondo.