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Report: Miguel Cabrera Threatened Bar Patrons Before Arrest

One week before Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera is scheduled to be arraigned for his February 16 DUI arrest, a police report was released by the Florida state attorney’s office.

According to the report, police were called to a steakhouse after Cabrera allegedly threatened the bar manager and an off-duty wildlife officer who was nearby. Cabrera walked into the establishment following last call and was asked to leave. Instead, he went over to a table and began talking to people.

When the bar manager, Fletcher Nail, asked Cabrera to leave again, a threat was allegedly made.

From the Detroit News:

When Nail again asked him to leave, Cabrera patted a bag on his shoulder and leaned down close to the manager’s face.

“You don’t know me,” Cabrera told him. “I will kill you. I know all of you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up.”

The off-duty agent on hand backed up Nail’s story, saying that Cabrera told them “he had a gun in his bag for us.” But the police report does not indicate that Cabrera was found with a gun when he was arrested.

Once police were called, Cabrera left the steakhouse. But not before getting into a verbal altercation with a patron on the front porch, according to the Detroit Free Press. Approximately a half-hour after leaving, Cabrera’s SUV was found by the side of the road 20 miles away from the restaurant.

Previous reports mentioned that Cabrera was upset when police approached him, threatening to kill someone and complaining that the officers didn’t know his problems. But the Detroit News story on the police report includes a disturbing anecdote that indicates Cabrera’s addled state of mind.

When deputies told Cabrera to drop to his knees so they could handcuff him, he said, “(expletive) shoot me. Kill me.”

The Oakland Press has police video of Cabrera’s arrest.