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MLB Standings Update: Tigers 4 Games Back Of 1st In AL Central

We are three weeks into the 2011 MLB season, and right now the standings in the AL Central look like they're upside down. The Cleveland Indians are leading the division with a 13-6 record, and the Kansas City Royals are in second place with a record of 12-7. The Detroit Tigers sit third with a record of 9-10. The two teams bringing up the rear in the AL Central right now are the Chicago White Sox (8-11) and Minnesota Twins (7-12).


Things aren't quite as odd in the AL East. The New York Yankees are out in front at 10-6, and the Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are behind them with records of 9-10, 8-10 and 8-10, respectively. The big surprise in this division is that the Boston Red Sox are in last with a record of 7-11.


In the AL West, the Los Angeles Angels are the leaders by half a game over the Texas Rangers. The Angels' record is 12-7 and the Rangers have one less win and the same amount of losses. The Oakland Athletics are third with a 9-10 record and the Seattle Mariners are last with the worst record in the American League (7-13).


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