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VIDEO: Ryan Raburn Tips Fly Ball Over Fence For Home Run

In the top of the second inning of Tuesday night's Tigers-Mariners game, Detroit outfielder Ryan Raburn made the blooper of the season. Miguel Olivo hit what appeared to be nothing more than a fly ball to the warning track, but Raburn misplayed it and not only failed to make the catch, but he hit it over the fence for a home run. Here's a look at the play, which is destined for the No. 1 spot on SportsCenter's list of the "Not Top Ten" plays of the week:


A look at the play from a different angle is after the jump.


It's one thing to have the ball bounce off of an outfielder and over the fence for a home run. It's happened before. (Just ask Jose Canseco.) But for the outfielder to dive with so much force that he deflects it from the warning track and over the fence and a good few feet into the bullpen is just ridiculous. I don't think Raburn could do this again even if he tried, but unfortunately for the Tigers it happened and tied the game up at one run apiece.

(Animations via Jeff Sullivan and Ryan Divish)