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Justin Verlander Was On Pardon The Interruption Today

The Tigers just dusted off the Twins, 10-2, but who wants more Justin Verlander?  Good, because he appeared on the Five Good Minutes segment of PTI today and we have video via Rob Rogacki at Detroit4lyfe. I'll let him lead you into it: 

Tigers ace Justin Verlander, who you may remember pitched decently on Saturday, was interviewed by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on PTI today. Verlander discussed his no-no, Alex Avila's bladder and his place among the greats of the game.

Let's watch:

I'm kind of astonished that Verlander thinks he's finally figured it all out. I've felt like he's been a no-hitter waiting to happen his entire career, and he's racked up two now, so it's just surprising to me to hear that he honestly believes something clicked between his last start at Yankee Stadium and the no-hitter across the border, something that he can carry over into future starts and on his way to his goal (pipe dream?) of SEVEN no-hitters.

Do I think he'll throw another no-hitter before it's all said and done? I've thought for a couple of years now that we'll see the first (legitimate) perfect game in Tigers history thanks to Justin Verlander, but I don't think his second no-hitter strengthened that feeling at all. However, if it helped Verlander feel more confident that he can put himself in the position to throw more no-hitters (and even potentially back-to-back no-hitters as he suggested at the end of the interview), then, well, that's just scary. I'm obviously all for that.