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Tigers' Series Finale Against Royals Postponed

The Detroit Tigers will not get a chance to run their winning streak to eight games on Sunday. They will also not get a chance to go for a sweep of the Kansas City Royals, because Sunday's game has been postponed due to bad weather. It has been raining all day and the forecast calls for it to continue, so the decision was made to simply postpone the game.

The new date for the series finale between the Tigers and Royals is Sept. 1, which was originally an off day for Detroit. Now the day before the White Sox come to town for a three-game set will include a game against the Royals. The game will start at 1:05 p.m.

The temperature isn't expected to warm up too much, but rain is not currently in the forecast for Monday's game against the Blue Jays. Toronto is coming to town for a two-game series that will take place on Monday and Tuesday.