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Sunday Night's Tigers-Red Sox Game Will Be Televised After All

When Saturday night's Tigers-Red Sox game was rained out and moved to Sunday night, fans groaned. Not only was yet another game affected by bad weather in the area, but because of ESPN's Sunday night telecast, a matchup between Justin Verlander and Josh Beckett wasn't going to be televised thanks to MLB's dumb blackout rules.


Thankfully, the Tigers and Red Sox worked something out with MLB and ESPN to get their Sunday night game on TV. NESN, the station that televises Red Sox games, announced that Sunday night's game will in fact be televised, and shortly after FS Detroit did the same. Coverage will start at 7 p.m. for the rare Sunday night game not on ESPN.


Of course, for there to even be a game to televise the weather will have to cooperate. Considering an ugly storm is supposed to be moving through Michigan later on Sunday and much of Michigan is under a tornado watch, I'm skeptical the final game of the series will actually be played.


If the bad weather holds off and the Tigers and Red Sox are able to get the game in, it will in fact be on TV.