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Justin Verlander Has No-Hitter Through 7 Innings

For the second time in the last five weeks, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is threatening to pitch a no-hitter. Back on May 7 in Toronto, Verlander nearly pitched a perfect game en route to his second career no-hitter, and now on Tuesday night against the Cleveland Indians, Verlander hasn't allowed a hit through seven innings.

If Verlander comes through with his third career no-hitter, he will have Austin Jackson to thank. In the second inning, Jackson robbed Cleveland's Shin-Soo Choo of what may have been a home run in center field. Jackson made the leaping grab to not only keep Cleveland off the board, but also to keep them hitless. So far that is the only play that has really threatened to break up Verlander's no-hitter.

In case you're wondering, Verlander is not threatening to throw a perfect game. He hit the second batter of the game, Carlos Santana, back in the first inning, and he also walked a runner in the top of the seventh. Those are the only Indians to reach base so far in this game, though.