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Justin Verlander Loses No-Hitter In 8th Inning

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander had his attempt at a third career no-hitter broken up with one out in the eighth inning. Orlando Cabrera drilled a pitch into center field for a single to break up the no-no and give the Cleveland Indians only their third baserunner of the night.

Verlander threw his first no-hitter of this season on May 7 against the Toronto Blue Jays. On Tuesday night in Detroit, four years and two days after his first ever no-hitter, Verlander was just five outs away from making history and throwing his third career no-no.

While his third no-hitter will have to wait, the important thing is that Verlander is pitching a hell of a game and is putting the Tigers in position to take sole possession of first place in the AL Central. Detroit is up by a score of 4-0 as the bottom of the eighth continues, and a Tigers victory would break the tie with Cleveland at the top of the standings.