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2011 MLB Draft: Detroit Tigers Sign 20 Picks

Last week the Detroit Tigers signed 20 of their picks from the 2011 MLB Draft. The list of players that signed with the Tigers includes Colin Kaline (the grandson of Al Kaline), Nick Avila (the cousin of Alex Avila), Michigan State's Jeff Holm and Brandon Eckerle, Central Michigan's Jake Sabol and Western Michigan's Brian Stroud and Eric Heckaman.

Below is a full list of the players that inked deals with the team (via The Detroit News).

  • 3B Jason King (Kansas State)
  • LHP Brian Flynn (Wichita State)
  • OF Chad Wright (Kentucky)
  • OF Jeff Holm (Michigan State)
  • RHP Ryan Woolley (UAB)
  • OF Ismael Salgado (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico)
  • LHP Tyler Barrett (Lewis-Clark State)
  • LHP Matt Crouse (Mississippi)
  • INF Colin Kaline (Florida Southern College)
  • RHP Scott Matyas (Minnesota)
  • RHP Guido Knudson (California-San Diego)
  • RHP Montreal Robertson (Coahoma Community College)
  • RHP Brian Stroud (Western Michigan)
  • OF Brandon Eckerle (Michigan State)
  • RHP Daniel Kickham (Missouri State)
  • C Zachary Maggard (Florida Southern College)
  • RHP Eric Heckaman (Western Michigan)
  • RHP Jake Sabol (Central Michigan)
  • RHP Nick Avila (Nova Southeastern)
  • OF Chretien Matz (Arkansas Pine-Bluff)