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Video: Justin Verlander's Career-High 14 Strikeouts

Justin Verlander was - in the words of Rod Allen - absolutely filthy on Saturday, as he is on most nights. Over eight shutout innings, the Tigers' ace racked up a career-high 14 strikeouts and cashed in on his MLB-leading 10th win of the season vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. Verlander allowed just four hits and walked one. 

Thanks to's smart, new policy to allow embedding of highlights, we have all 14 of those strikeouts for you here (including a tapper back to the mound that snuck its way in there). As you'll see, Verlander had the complete package on Saturday night, striking out four with his upper 90s fastball, five with his knee-buckling curve, and four with his upper 80s slider. His 14th strikeout was in the dirt and also probably a slider (making that the 5th slider for a K), but I'll chalk that up as an unknown because it was slower than his other sliders and you really couldn't tell given it was in the dirt. It really didn't matter what Verlander was throwing  anyway -- the Diamondbacks couldn't touch him. 

Boy, you know you bad.