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MLB Trade Rumors: Derek Lowe To Tigers Unlikely

This weekend we learned that the Detroit Tigers were showing interest in yet another starting pitcher. Already Hiroki Kuroda and Ubaldo Jimenez were linked to the Tigers as possible acquisitions before the MLB trade deadline, and Derek Lowe was added to the list with a report from Jon Paul Morosi.

While the Tigers have made it no secret that they want to trade for a starting pitcher, the chances of a deal with Lowe actually happening are slim, according to Jerry Crasnick.

Barring a change, the probability of Derek Lowe going to is extremely "low,'' says a source. Money is the big sticking point.

The problem is Lowe is set to make around $21 million in the rest of his contract. Crasnick reports that the Braves "would have to pick up a 'significant amount' to make the deal work." Since the whole point of the Braves potentially trading Lowe is to unload some money, it would be pointless for them to make a deal and pick up a big part of his contract.

For now, it seems we can cross Lowe off the list of potential acquisitions based on Crasnick's report.