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'From The Hopeful Little Leaguer To The Hopeful Cougar From Downriver,' Brandon Inge Is Pure Michigan

Wayne State University media arts instructor John Kerfoot has added to his filmography yet another classic spoof of the Pure Michigan ad campaign. Piling on to the news that Brandon Inge has been designated for assignment, his latest pokes fun at the occasionally irrational love affair fans seem to have with Inge.

If you don't at least chuckle at this affectionate jab in the ribs, which is obviously not entirely accurate, I'll be forced to believe you're guilty of voting for Inge as Player of the Game on Fox Sports Detroit merely because his well documented charity work or good looks in high socks perpetually washes over you:

[H/T Justin Rogers of MLIVE]

In all seriousness, I don't think there's a need for tears, send offs, or even celebrations quite yet, because as Inge stated last night, he'll be back in September no matter what (and may very well be a late inning defensive replacement thereafter). Inge is under contract through next season, so he'll have a chance to right himself. By "right himself," I mean get back to a level of production that's adequate per the standards of the Tigers brass.